Yorkshire sushi


How sushi became a part of my life

In 2011 I moved jobs from the 2 star Michelin restaurant Le Gavroche, to a Japanese restaurant in the city of London, it was here working alongside the very talented sushi chef Masayoshi Kitagata that I fell in love with sushi and the art of making it, I spent 2 years training with Masayoshi. 

I have since gone on to feature sushi in all my menus in some form, as well as using the Japanese flavour combinations I learned.


Event catering

Not only do I put my sushi making skills to use in my menus for the customers of At the Dinner Party, I also cater larger events with stunning sushi displays, from wedding buffets to charity balls, I have made sushi displays for parties as big as 300 people with well over 1000 pieces of sushi and sashimi, from California rolls to Nigiri

If you're interested in booking me to create a beautiful sushi display for your event please use the contact form below or give me a call, where we can discuss your requirements and budget.


Learn to make sushi

If your not content with just hiring me to make the sushi for you, how about hiring me to provide you with a personal lesson in the art of sushi making.

You will learn how to do the basics, from cooking the perfect rice to making your first Californian roll.

Prices for 1-1 lessons in the comfort of your own home start at £100, lessons can also be taken in small groups of up to 10 people dependant on the space available in the kitchen that will be used to host the event.

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At the dinner party by Dan Graham